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Beginning Ballet Course
The Beginning Ballet Course is for those who have never danced a step of ballet or who had some ballet when they were little, but it didn’t stick. This is a six-week course that makes you stick with it to learn all the ballet basics, and will enable you to master placement and coordination. Once you have had the course, you are ready to take Advanced Beginning I – Technique (ongoing classes).

Have you always wanted to learn ballet, but felt too intimidated? Have you ever been to a Beginning Adult Ballet Class only to come out lost and confused? Chances are you didn’t have the right teacher. It’s never too late to learn one of the most wonderful forms of dance in the world… from the very BEGINNING.

In my 6 week Beginning Ballet Course, you will acquire all of the entry level fundamentals needed to walk into any “Beginner” ballet class. As a teacher of all levels, and former professional dancer, I have come to understand that fundamentals in ballet are achievable regardless of age.

REMEMBER, IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! Come join us in what will be a fun and rewarding experience!

Advanced Beginning I
The Advanced Beginning I – Technique class is for those who have taken the Beginning Ballet Course, or who have a good grasp of ballet basics. You will develop coordination and strength and expand upon those basics to prepare for turning (pirouettes), combinations in basic jumping (petit allegro), balancing on one leg (coupe de pied & passe), and adding more movement of arms (port de bras) to combinations.

Advanced Beginning II 
The Advanced Beginning II – Technique class is for those who have a strong grasp of ballet basics. This level adds combinations that involve faster tempos in music, quicker distribution of weight from one leg to another, full integration of turning (pirouettes) & jumping (petit allegro), and an introduction into bigger jumps (grande allegro). This level adds more attention to phrasing, technical proficiency and musicality.

Intermediate Level – Technique
The Intermediate Level Technique class is for those who are proficient in ballet basics. This level adds complex & faster tempo combinations that involve more arm movement (port de bras), more complicated turning (pirouettes -en dehors & en dedans, attitude, arabesque, etc.), and jumping (petit allegro & grande allegro). This level enhances the coordination and fluidity within each combination of movements.

Beginning Pointe Course
The Beginning Pointe Course is for those who have had two years of solid and consistent ballet technique. The course will take you from the purchasing and sewing of shoes, strengthening of the ankles, feet, and toes, to all the basics needed to perform simple pointe work (releves, balances, piques, turns, etc.)

Advanced Beginning Pointe Class
Advanced Beginning Pointe class expands upon all steps in the Beginning Pointe Course, with an increased focus on more complicated combinations, technical fluidity, and faster tempos in music.  Participation is for those who have already had Beginning Pointe basics, and will be by Intermediate Technique Class placement only.

Advanced/Professional Level – Technique
Advanced/Professional Level Technique is designed for those who are proficient in executing technique cleanly and clearly.  This level focuses on quality of movement, phrasing, and interpretation of musicality.  This would be beneficial for those who want to meld the artistry with the technique.